5 Main Reasons Why You Should Be Proud of Using Windows


5 Main Reasons Why You Should Be Proud of Using Windows

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Most of the computers that we have must be using Microsoft Windows that has been pre-installed by the manufacturer. So do not be surprised if the Windows operating system is often used by ordinary people. This operating system has experienced many significant changes starting from the performance, appearance and others. Until not infrequently many users themselves idolized it so they do not want to move to another operating system. There are indeed many advantages and disadvantages to windows, but we will continue to use Windows because of the familiar face-to-face display, its applications and especially PC games which are increasingly fantastic.

Do you still use Windows? According to statistics, you are probably one of the billions of people who still use it today. How to Tell just to give a little review of the main reasons for using the Windows operating system Microfost compared to Mac OS and Linux. Here are 5 main reasons why you should be proud to use Windows ... at least until we find 5 reasons for not using it at all.

  1. Out of habit. To be honest, if you have just bought a computer with Microsoft Windows already installed on it, you will feel at ease. Because it already has almost all the features you need. Starting from typing, games and music and video entertainment. So why should you bother changing it?

  2. Because you pay. When you buy a new computer, it's not uncommon for Windows licenses to be included in the price you buy. Including several other paid applications that are already installed in it. So if you have already paid for it, not changing to another operating system will waste your money.

  3. Because you are a gamer. Windows is the platform of choice for game lovers mainly because PCs can be continuously upgraded to offer better and better performance. Many games are made only for Windows, starting from the default Windows game itself and in general, we can say there are more variations. This game works better and is easier to configure and use.

  4. Use of software. The same thing happened to drivers and software. Some software developers more often develop hardware drivers and software applications in the Windows operating system. Although the system has its own alternatives, the reality is that there are more applications for Windows than other platforms.

  5. Because you don't know how to use another OS - and don't want to study. Sometimes people who are computer savvy aren't our friends but it could be you. You have just learned the world of computers and you are still learning carefully between menus, buttons, folders and the like. Windows is difficult enough for you, so why are you struggling to learn harder with an entirely new OS.

Those are the 5 main reasons why you should be proud to use Windows . In the end, each of us will continue to use our favorite operating system, whether it's Windows, Mac OS, Linux or OS2 / Warp. Keep on visiting Surefire Way because in the next opportunity in the future we will explain the reason for not Microsoft Windows, and we will also explain a little about Mac OS and Linux.

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