Google has just given millions of users a justification to keep Gmail


Gmail users have every right to feel frustrated immediately . In recent weeks, Gmail has had problems with Windows and suffered a significant spam filter flaw which sent potentially malicious emails straight to users’ inboxes. But now Google has announced a huge overhaul of the service which should convince potential deserters to remain . 

In a politician blog post, Google has announced the foremost radical redesign of Gmail in its 16 year history. during a transformative move, Google has integrated messaging, video chat, shared file access, virtual meeting rooms, real-time collaboration and more directly into Gmail, turning it into an all-in-one productivity suite. Gmail now stands aside from any rival email service. 

In practice, what this suggests is Gmail will now integrate Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Tasks also as Rooms, which become a full-on Slack/Teams competitor. Users are going to be ready to share and collaborate on documents in-real time while having a live video chat all without leaving their email. It’s potentially revolutionary and will aid everyone from business to amateur football teams. 

Google has announced that these updates would soon roll out bent Android and iOS devices, but there's one major caveat. Outside the gate, this massive redesign will only be available to G Suite users. Following these changes, Google is now describing Gmail as a "integrated workspace." It's a drastic shift to the most commonly used email service in the world, and anyone thinking about jumping a ship may want to stick around now.

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