Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi - a simulator of the taxi driver on the Android platform. The player is offered to sit behind the wheel and start to engage in private taxi driver clients. At the mercy of the driver will be given a city in which many people need the services of a good taxi driver. Never transport passengers from point A to point B was not so exciting.

The user available four cars, each of which has its own characteristics and unique appearance. Seeing the voting person, you must take him aboard and take him to the destination. Bypassing the traffic lights and sometimes breaking the rules of the road, a taxi driver must at all costs to get the client in time, because every second counts.

Graphics stars from the sky is not enough, but is made very soundly. Some of the paucity of visual kompensiruet good physical damage model. A good voice and catchy music will raise the adrenaline and make the races more exciting. Crazy Taxi – an excellent simulator of the taxi driver, which will appeal to fans of arcade racing game.


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Crazy Taxi Classic

4.4 for Android

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